Shangrui Machinery - Hot Press Laminating Production Line

Welcome to watch our latest promotional video of the heat press automated production line.

What you see in the picture is our carefully crafted advanced manufacturing technology - a hot press automatic production line designed specifically for wooden door veneer. This is not just a machine, it is the crystallization of high efficiency and precision technology.

Let’s explore its highlights together:

First of all, our automated production line realizes the full process automatic processing from raw materials to finished products through intelligent control. Each process is precisely calculated to ensure the high quality standards of the products.

Next, notice the smooth movements and synchronized mechanical collaboration, which reduces the need for human operation, significantly saves labor costs, and improves production efficiency.

Now, please focus on this link - our heat press is working. It can accurately control the temperature and pressure to ensure the perfect fit of each wooden door veneer, without bubbles or flaws, showing excellent quality.

Finally, as the product smoothly leaves the production line, we show you the final result - a high-quality wooden door with a solid structure and fine surface treatment, which is exactly the excellent standard we strive for in our automated production line.

Our automated production line not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures the quality of each product with unparalleled precision. Choosing us means choosing efficient, accurate and reliable productivity.

Thank you for watching and we look forward to working with you to create a more prosperous future.

Product Contains:

Serial number

product name

Technical Parameters



Pusher (scraper)

Pusher (scraper)

1. Motor power 1.5kw

2. Feeding speed 0-15m/min (frequency conversion speed)

1 set



Elevating platform

1. Table size 1400*3100mm

2. Motor power 2.2Kw

3. Load-bearing 3T

4. Travel 1000mm

1 set


Dust removal cleaning machine

Dust cleaning machine

1. Processing height 3-100mm

2. Processing width 5-1400mm

3. Conveying speed 5-20m/min

4. Power: 5kw

1 set


Double-sided water glue coating machine

Double-sided water glue coating machine

1. Gelatinize width 1450mm

2. Processing thickness 0-80mm

3. Working speed 18m/min (frequency conversion speed)

4. Motor power 1.1kw

5. With 4 cots

1 set


Knife wheel conveyor

Knife wheel conveyor

1. Length of roller surface 1500mm

2. Shelf length: 3500mm

1 set


Belt conveyors

Belt conveyor

1. Belt width: 1600mm

2. Shelf length: 3500mm

3. Feeding speed 5-20m/min

4. Motor power 1.5kw

1 set


Belt heat press

Belt hot press

1. Table size: 1400*3100mm

2. Single layer opening distance 200mm

3. Pressure 200T

4. The number of oil tanks 10 SETS

5. Conveyor belt size: 7028*1400*0.7

6. Hydraulic motor power 7.5kw

7. Feeding motor 1.5kw

8. Oil pump power 1.5kw

9. Heat pipe power 36kw

1 set


Roller table

Roller table

1. Roller surface length: 1500mm

2. Shelf length: 3500mm

1 set

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